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“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” Nikola Tesla

  • The adventure of Nolad

New game under development

A new game is under development, here you can see a level sketch.

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A Big Thank You to All of You!

The Adventure of Nolad

The Adventure of Nolad: More than 10,000 download on Google Play Store.

Thank You to All of You!

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The Adventure of Nolad is now available on LG SmartWorld

nolad, the adventure of nolad, available, lg world

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The Adventure of Nolad is available on SlideMe

Get the Nolad Android app from SlideME.

New game under development – preview

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New Kleon website is online


New Kleon website is online now at

MeEgg Review – The adventure of nolad


Take a look here
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Whooooa! New game is under development!

A new secret game is under development!
At the moment I am creating some music!
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The Adventure of Nolad – new video review

new2 reviewed The Adventure of Nolad here:

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The Adventure of Nolad: first review

First review in italian of “The Adventure of Nolad” is available here:

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Get it on google play

Get The adventure of Nolad on google play, click here 

The Adventure of Nolad – video


Ready to go

The game is completed. On october 21 the final release.


Jellyfish, pipes and rocks

Here a screenshot from a new level under development at the moment.


Here we go


06/20/13 –  55% completed

Four months to go


Time is running very fast, I am working very hard and I hope I’ll be able to finish the game in time.

Mystery object

What is this ?


Shoot and Jump

You can shoot, you can jump.

Here images from The Adventure of Nolad help screen

help_shoot help_jump